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Clone Mannequins was founded in 1988 in Delhi, when organized retail was just evolving in India. From understanding the Indian market, to studying international manufacturing technologies, the company has positioned itself on an intersection of demand and innovation.


After more than 30 years spent on honing skills and craftsmanship, and working with all the top retailers, we have ensured up-to date, trendy designs with a high-end quality in all our products.


 Our experience with serving local and international brands in the Indian market has empowered us to create each mannequin with a distinctive character and style. The understanding that each brand is unique and deserves distinct aesthetic styles has enabled us to forge a reputation as a leader in mannequin design.

Our motto is working for you, with you. We strive to find the perfect balance between form and function. For  designing, our team draws inspiration from everywhere. The idea forms the silver lining, followed by a basic silhouette made out of clay. The sculpting adds character and life to the mannequin design, resulting in a distinctive product.There is no limit to our designs. We use the philosophy of combing different elements, according to the client requirement to give a well thought out final result.


Since the very beginning, sustainability has been an integral part of our ideology. We use sustainable lifecycle management and innovative manufacturing technologies, along with environment friendly raw materials. Sustainability is a way of business for us, not just a trend. We are motivated to serve the client in the best way possible, while also taking care of the environment.For us, it is about treating the planet with respect. We thrive to maintain an ecological, environmental and economic balance.With our venture into 3D modelling, the possibilities are endless in terms of design. With the aid of 3D visualisation, there is flexible prototyping and saving on raw materials. It also enables virtual modifications, according to customer specifications.


Our mannequins are well detailed out, with many useful elements as standard. We constantly develop new collections and individual concepts in keeping up with the current trends. Intensive study of the international market allows us an edge over our competition.


The pursuit of quality has always been our centre of focus. We aim to fill in the current loophole in the manufacturing of mannequins by providing the best quality products, without compromising on the standard and the finish of final product.

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